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Tail Chasers contest entry by merrypaws Tail Chasers contest entry by merrypaws
Yeap, I decided to stick my spoon in the soup so many have sampled and take part in the contest *AndrewDickman is hosting.
These are the notes I made when trying to round up my ideas about the character's personality and some of her history. They aren't too organized, but I suppose they give you somekind of picture about her.

Name: Tamary Hale “Mercury Medic”
Species: Cat-otter mix (Cat mother, otter father)

She’s a rebel, who doesn’t want to rebel. Her family has a small, but rather reputable bar. She gets along with her parents just great, but they wish she would take over the family business one day, and she simply doesn’t want it.
It’s clear for anyone to see that she loves the thrill that riding her bike gives her, but she seems to also dislike the sport, or more specifically the more violent aspects of it. She has often sworn off racing, but somehow she sooner or later seems to gravitate towards the track again.
If anyone asks her just why does she race, her eyes will unfocus for a moment and then she replies: “I’ll… tell you when I figure it out, ‘k?”
There are whispers that she’s doing it out of mixture of thrill seeking and some kind of twisted sense of responsibility, and that she feels she’s the only one who cares about the safety of all the people involved and must therefore keep an eye on the others.

Personality traits:
- Aesthetic eye; likes beautiful things.
- Genial; her top concern is always the well being of everyone. You just know she stuck band-aids on her teddy bears as a kid. It’s not unheard of her to stop in the middle of a race to help someone who just tried to push her off the track. After a race when others are hooting and cheering as the adrenalin rush dies down, she will call out her customary “Everyone alright?
- Impulsive; does things on a whim and gets easily carried away.
- Mercurial by nature: can go from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other in two seconds flat.
- Avoids confrontation; will quietly back away from a fight rather than make a scene, unless her temper is running hot.
- Boy crazy; new crush every week. One cute tail and this girl will walk point blank into a wall. Luckily any of her crushes are yet to amount to anything more than a momentary distraction.

- Racing: Higher intermediate. She does well on straights, but kinda wusses out at turns.
- Mechanics: Lower intermediate: if something is broken, she can fix it with some effort in most cases, but she can hardly construct anything from scratch.
- Medical/first aid: Limited, but highly practical. She mostly learned from taking care of her fellow racers.

Oh, and there's also a little thing I made of her in my scraps. [link] Didn't feel like including it in my actual entry, but think of it as amusing extra material.
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phantomshotgun2002 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2005
a great pic you and has to the sexy-est pic i'v seen, i too am in this contest and wish you luck but i have douts about my pic, i hope the profile i made is good enough, if you want to see it, its in my scraps (don't ask me why its in there) well again good luck
KanaDragonheart Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2005
:o Nice, shmexyshexy skintight spaceysuit too ^^
MegSyv Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
This is very good. I like both her and her uniform a lot. :D
Mylehyena Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2005
Very Creative :D
BlueKazenate Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
wow, nice and the scrap pic is hysterical! good luck!
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October 24, 2005
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