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May 14, 2005
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Random Ninja contest entry by merrypaws Random Ninja contest entry by merrypaws
Most imaginative title ever.
My entry for *The-Z's random ninja contest. Basically you just grab a description from a generator and then try to draw it.
Here's what I got:
This opinionated female ninja is very short and has a muscular build. Her slanted eyes are green. She has straight, neck-length, gray hair. Her plain outfits are usually yellow and include a belt with many pouches. She uses a straightforward form of martial arts that emphasizes dodges. Her preferred weapon is a club. She is skilled in disguise. She can summon a dog-ghost.

What appealed to me in this description (okay, apart from the ghost-doggy, wiseguy) was its inconsistency. I mean, plain outfits, relatively short hair, straighforward... to me all that commnicates a no-nonsense tomboy-type personality, but yet she prefers wearing yellow. And her fighting technique emphasizes dodges, i.e. staying away from your opponent, but a club is very much a contact-weapon.
And with the doggy I took some major artistic liberties by basing him on a british ghost dog barghest. Don't ask me how he ended up in Japan, it just felt fitting. The kanji at the back is the pup's name, Gen'ei, meaning 'phantom', 'vision' or 'illusion'.
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With the contest long over, I'm working on commenting on works. I felt this one was good - you used the description well and obviously thought about it as well. The clean linework also makes it really stand out.
fun ghost doggy! Maybe she's a well travelled Ninja type? or was trying to summon something else, and accidentally got HIM the first time?

yellow, surprisingly, blends in very well into shadow.

An emphasis on dodging doesn't mean she CAN'T strike back, just means wear them out with evasion first, and then WACK 'EM GOOD!
Well, I suppose that's true. But I prefer thinking that she's just a little weird in her own way. ;P
hee hee hee. ok, no more rationalizing from me.
RaineyJ May 15, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh, very good translation of the description. I'd find it hard to do something like that probably ^_^;
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