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June 20, 2013
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ROTG - Dark Pooka and Little Jack 2 by merrypaws ROTG - Dark Pooka and Little Jack 2 by merrypaws
Bunny is still contemplating what to do with the little thing that's suddenly been thrown at him. He's halfway made up his mind to just kill the brat and be done with it, when suddenly...

In other words, how Jack unknowingly saved his own life - through sheer force of cute.
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1999MarvelTeen Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
Let's face it when a baby does something cute. You can't kill it.
uvray12 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
animeloverforlife3 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
hmm i dont know what this is
*jack rubs his head*
well it rubs it head like do
i must protect it with my life!
Deamoness17 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
Are you going to make a fan fiction story to go along with this?  Please it's awesome needs to be spread! La la la la  PLEASE!  *puppy eyes*
sonicxjones Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Cuteness it all powerful!!
Novathewolf4 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol Jack you so cute XXDD
laviikuto Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Student Writer
ssssssssssssooooooooooooo freaking cute
Kittygirl222 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I can't stand it any more it's so CUTE:squee: 
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sssoooo ADORABLE!!!!!
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All was right in the world of the guardians. Pitch had been beaten and the guardians went back to their daily lives. North in his work shop making up new toys and getting them ready for Christmas. Bunny getting his Easter eggs decorated and making new chocolate recipes to quench the children’s taste. Tooth and her girls collecting the baby teeth of young children and placing them in their cases. And Sandy flying over towns and cities delivery sweet dreams to all.
Jack, you may ask, is still up to his same old mischief. Except now children know about him and are excited to see him, for he brings fun and snow to them.
But all was not so grand, for Pitch would one day return. Still boiling in his dark caverns over the battle he had lost. He was so close, until that boy Jack got in his way. It had all been planned out so well. The nightmares, the guardians growing weaker as they fade along with the children hopes and dreams. Jack may have been a setback, but once their powers crossed, Pitch new that Jack would have been an excellent ally.
It had all been calculated out. Drive a wedge between the guardians and Jack. Drive him to his side and they would dominate the world. The dark ages would come and fear would taste so delectable and sweet. But that bond with the guardians was still strong, so pitch came up with an idea to leave Jack in the gorge until he returned. Make him beg to be free. To say he was wrong and Pitch was right. The one thing he screwed up was that the fairy was still alive. That fairy who awakened Jack’s memories and showed how Jack was the guardian of fun and his soul mission was to protect the children. To be a Guardian.  
That how planning, the calculating……came apart.
Pitch was banished to the dark world he called his layer. Again. For the second time. All because of JACK FROST. But the words still plagued his mind from the Antarctica.
“   Pitch: What goes better together than cold and darkness? We could bring fear back into the world! It would be-
   Jack Frost: Pitch Black?
   Pitch: ...And Jack frost.”
Those words kept repeating and repeating in his mind. Thus an idea came to his mind. If Jack would not join him willingly, then force would be done. Changing him into a fearling could take long, and there would be no guaranteed that Jack would still be the same. Then he remember an old myth of how a man called Father Time. Guardian of space and time. He could change the past, present, future. Or better yet change someone age.

Back at the North Pole, North was busy helping the Yetis finish up some kind of problem with the toys when a gust of wind blew open the window and in came Jack. As they greeted one another and told stories of what has been happening while they were separated. All of the sudden alarms went off all through the shops and black sand engulfed the lit globe. As the black sand dispersed, it revealed Pitch will smirk on his face. The two guardians were shock for a few seconds before they brought out their weapons, ready to strike Pitch down. Jack rushed himself at Pitch only to be slung backward by a furious nightmare. Pitch let out a frightening laugh and held up what looked to be a tiny vial with some kind of neon blue liquid. With great force he through it at Jack and the vial submerged Jack Frost in a blue and white vale. North ran to help by cutting the vale with his Russian blade but all it did was send him flying back into Phil arms. As North got up, the vale dispersed and the only thing that was left was a small boy with white hair with big blue icy eyes and a large blue sweater as his only clothing.
North and the Yetis were shocked, while Pitch laughed with glee as he said “It worked” Pitch floated down to the floor and started walking towards Jack. The yetis got in front of Pitch so he would get any closer. Pitch scoffed them off and said “Oh please” With a snap of his finger he summoned his nightmares and the fight had begun.

Unknown to the fighters Jack had slipped away to one of North’s Snow globes that were carelessly left out. With words of a toddler, the globe took Jack to an unknown place. A place of darkness, untamed, and harsh woods. A place where all fairytales and monster came from. The Black Forest.
A little far off, was a wild brown Pooka that was very different from our Easter Bunny. This one was more untamed and had forgotten his native tongue.  Searching for food, until he saw that glow and decided to check it out. Once he saw young Jack, he thought it would be an easy meal. Bringing the frost child back to its cave, it laid the child between its paws and was ready to strike when the cute little child rubbed its face like a new born Pooka would do. The Pooka rethought it plan and instead decided to raise it as it’s very one.


Its just a random idea I got from your artwork. Hope it help you if you make a fanfic. ^.^
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