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Mtesa - Miranda's son by merrypaws Mtesa - Miranda's son by merrypaws
So, I was looking at my older pic [link] , I had just flipped through *hellcorpceo's gallery, and somehow got to thinking... I don't even know what. It was one of those thought processes that are brilliant and crystal clear at the time, but later on you can't even remember where exactly they started. But result is here all the same: Miranda, the dragon voodoo-priestess, has now acquired an adoptive son, a colt named Mtesa. I know, it doesn't make any flippin' sense to me either, but all the same I'm absolutely in love with the idea. Not to mention I was getting rusty with horses.
So, from top left:

- Mtesa as a prancy colt. Everyone awww. Foals are loads of fun to draw, all legs and a tiny body.
- Head shot of adult Mtesa. (Sharp, pointy carnivore teeth on equines, yes! :w00t:)
- Mother/son moment
- A simple size chart, mostly for my own reference.
- Mtesa getting a liiiittle power-crazy. Too much ego and too much knowledge of voodoo-magic without true understanding can do that to you. ... What? You thought being raised by a dragon would make him normal?
Don't worry, 'momma' will slap him back on the ground soon enough.
- Simple color sketches. Mtesa all grown up, and Miranda giving adolescent Mtesa a quick clean up. (Ugh, bad scan and I colored Miranda far too yellow.)
- First meeting. In a mad scamper away from some predator, the herd left little Mtesa behind. I suppose he had never seen a dragon before, so he didn't know he was supposed to be scared. With the horns and such, he might even have mistaken her for some kind of an antilope. I messed the perspective somewhat, it was supposed to be like we were looking down at him over Miranda's shoulder.
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dartinglynx Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2007
Amazing anatomy and really cute poses. I luff your art! :D
KanaDragonheart Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2005
Heee, ponies and dwaggins, 2 wuvvable things in 1! *cheer*
KevoDuBrow Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2005
This is amazing, nice job.
Rose-Hunter Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice. I like your propotioning and linework. The expressions are priceless too.
Satan-Jyunanagou Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
That is absolutely FANTASTIC! Brilliant work!
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July 5, 2005
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